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Megan’s love of dance began when she was introduced to Ballet at the age of two. She grew up dancing in various styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern. By the age of 14, she was already teaching under her mentor. At 16, Megan found Irish Dance and quickly advanced in competitions to the champion level. During her time as a competitive dancer, Megan won several Regional Oireachtas Championships, 2 North American National Championships, 2 Great Britain Championships, placed 2nd at the All-Ireland Championships and 4th at the World Championships, where she medaled each and every time she competed.

Megan has performed with true legends of the Irish music world to include The Chieftans, The Eileen Ivers Band, Seamus Kennedy and Cherish the Ladies. Her career allowed her to perform at some of America’s greatest venues like Carnegie Hall and The Kennedy Center.


Megan has been an accredited TCRG since 2008 and has been actively teaching with The Broesler School of Irish Dance since that time, until opening The Harper Academy of Irish Dance in 2016. During her time teaching with the Broesler School , Megan has taught Oireachtas Champions, North American National Champions, British National Champions, All-Scotland Champions; Minor, Junior & Senior Belt winners and many All-Ireland & World medalists.



Caitlin's unique approach to Irish dance developed through her training with the Broesler School of Irish Dance. She went on to win 5 regional titles, top 3 medals in prestigious North American and Great Britain Championships, and top 10 medals in the World and All Ireland Championships.


After graduating from the University of Maryland, Caitlin began dancing globally with Micheal Flatley's Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Dangerous Games.  She recently finished her touring career on Broadway. In between tours, Caitlin acquired her certification in theatrical makeup with Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and moved to New York City to work as a pro artist with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  


As an avid practitioner of pilates since age 15, Caitlin pursued her Pilates certification with the esteemed teacher training program at Harmony Pilates and Gyrotonics in Pittsburgh.  With a mission to integrate tradition, modern artistry, and wellness conditioning, Caitlin wishes to promote health and happiness through movement and dance. 

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